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Diaspora Fish Farm

Executive Summary

Diaspora Fish Farm is a fish farm project located at Lake Kumba, Kwatonga Village, Mashewa Ward, Korogwe, Tanga Tanzania. The Fish farm aims to produce a high quality Nile Tilapia fish product that meets the fish demand in our community.

The main economic significant of the business is to contribute toward poverty alleviation in our country as well as narrowing down the fish demand supply shortage. Tanzania has fish supply shortage of 480,000 tons a year, National demand of fingering is 30m, the current production is 5m only this means there is insufficiency of fish in our country.

We mainly aim at producing Tilapia fish because Tilapia Fish Industry is a profitable fishing business because the demand for fish especially Tilapia fish in the country is growing geometrically; High quality and Health benefits attached to consumption of Tilapia Fish compared to other species of fish has led to the opportunity of growing it.

Nile Tilapia is efficient to produce and has a ready market among mid-income and lower income consumers in urban and  areas.

Culture of high value species for the export market has a high potential, so we took the room for investment on Tilapia fishery because it has a high potential as it has desired characteristics and it is popular in the local and global market.

We will use Cage Culture System hence it is an attractive farming technology as it will insure fast growth of fish compared to fish ponds farming; after Raceway System, Cage Culture System has more benefits compared to Fish ponds.

The Purpose of this Business plan

  • To evaluate project’s strategies and to determine how our business should proceed in the future so that unsuccessful aspects of the strategy will be discontinued or replaced based on project’s Strengths or Weaknesses.


  • To evaluate the performance of Diaspora fish farm, planning and control of project activities are essential for the long term survival of our projects. As an Organization begins its operations, the financial portion of the business plan serves as a tool to compare planned with actual operation results.


  • To understand the dynamic of the Market; Understanding the impact prices and the behavior of consumers will enable us to create prices which results from the fluctuation of supply and demand for our products.

The Organization

  • Diaspora Fish Farm is a project owned by Tanzanians living in abroad who organized themselves to capture business opportunities in Fishing Industries by growing and harvesting high quality of Nile tilapia fish through Cages Culture System methodology.Investing in this project is a result of investor’s consensus, validated by a survey of which was conducted to confirm their interest and vision of the project during the meeting at Tanzania Diaspora Hub.Diaspora Fish Farm is working hard to make sure that we secure the available market with high quality fish products, good customer service and affordable prices to ensure value for customers and fair profit to the business.

The Business

  • Diaspora Fish Farm involves the farming, marketing and selling of Nile Tilapia fish and since the Government banned exportation of Tilapia the harvest will be sold locally by 100%, we expect in the coming years to export our product when regulations of exporting changes.The project will involve construction of 36 fish cages in Lake Kumba, in Korogwe District, Tanga Region; Operation process will be purchasing fingerings, stock, raise, harvest and sell packaged raw fish.Our objective is to contribute food security.Other objectives are poverty reduction, sustainable livelihood, Economic and social development and ecosystem maintenance: We are in the Fish Industry because we want to leverage on the vast opportunities available in the market, to contribute our quota in growing the Tanzania economy.

Our Products

  • Diaspora Fish Farm will produce Nile Tilapia fish due to the high demand in the market and Tilapia species are easiest fish to farm in a cage culture system and Tilapia has a lot of health benefits (it is a good source of protein, is good for bone health, it may prevent prostate cancer and also it is rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids therefore is good for heart), to minimize farming cost and insure sustainable supply of fish to our target Market.Through Cage Culture System fish will grow faster and ensure deliverance of products on time to our customers, Production of Tilapia Fish is easy thus fish prefers all kinds of supplementary feeds and also it has excellent demand in both local and international markets.We will offer Nile Tilapia that has Delicious mild taste and nutrition benefits (high protein and low fat) to our customers.

The Market

The increase in demand of Fish motivated us to invest in Tilapia fish farming through cage culture system which enables fish to grow faster and less management in farming operations.

The population in Tanzania is growing and developing economically driving the increase demand for sustainable animal protein. The annual fish consumption in Tanzania is estimated at 7-8kg per capita, being much lower than the global average consumption of 20 kg but close to average African per capita consumption of 8 kg per year, indicating the large market potential.

The Target Market

Our targeted market includes: Individual buyers, department stores, hotels and Restaurants located in Tanzania.