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The diaspora of developing nations can be a potent force for development for their countries of origin, through remittances, but also, importantly, through the promotion of trade, investments, research, innovation, and knowledge through education and technology transfers. This brings relevant experience from both developed and developing nations to bear on issues confronting today’s governments in linking with their diaspora. The different approaches used by countries that have tried to maximize the possible gains from migration, by engaging more comprehensively with different diaspora groups and individuals.

Tanzania Diaspora Hub (TDH) will continue pursuing policies to develop links with Tanzanians abroad, either to encourage them to invest or to use their skills, knowledge, or financial power to encourage Tanzanian development to flourish. The TDH will continue to establish a platform that discusses concrete examples of diaspora initiatives that are being implemented in Tanzania. There are comprehensive reviews on how the diaspora can promote trade and investment partnerships.

TDH believes that the diaspora’s contribution as an Organization of Tanzanians will build bridges between countries of origin and destination which help stimulate, mostly through economic activity, transfers of knowledge, and social norms. TDH is actively working to contribute effectively to the shaping of the development policies and delivery processes as they relate to Tanzania’s development. We understand that in order to achieve this aim, we have to master the art of lobbying which is an integral part of engaging policy and decision makers.

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